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Issue: Upon logging into GP, users receive the following error '[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server] EXECUTE permission denied on object ‘zDP_MSO_Registration_CCEF_1’, database ‘DYNAMICS’, schema ‘dbo’. Give public permissions to zDP_MSO_Registration_CCEF_1 in Dynamics Database'

Cause: The EXECUTE permission for DYNGRP was dropped for the CCE stored procedure zDP_MSO_Registration_CCEF_1


1. Login to SQL Management Studio
2. Locate zDP_MSO_Registration_CCEF_1 in Databases -> Dynamics -> Programmability -> Stored Procedures
3. Right click zDP_MSO_Registration_CCEF_1 and click Properties
4. Open the Permissions Page and click Add
5. Lookup DYNGRP object names to select (examples): Field
6. Click Check names
7. In the Explicit Permissions for DYNGRP: Table, Check the Grant box for the Execute Permission
8. Click Ok and log into GP again to confirm the permission was updated successfully in GP

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