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Issue: While trying to process a return or credit, the customer receives the error 'Failed merchant rule check' with result code 117
Cause: The customer does not have the option for allowing non-referenced credits from their VeriSign gateway or they have not used the origination ID for their credit or return transaction
1. Open the return or credit document
2. Open the eTransactions window for this transaction by pushing Ctrl + S
3. Click the lookup button next to the 'Orig ID' field
4. Select the Origination id for the original transaction in the Origination ID Lookup window. 
5. Finish entering the credit card information and process the transaction
Note: An alternate solution for this issue would be to have the setting for allowing non-referenced credits changed within PayPal manager. This will allow credits to be processed without an originating transaction
1. Have a PayPal Manager user with the ADMIN role assigned login to 
2. Go the Account Administration Tab
3. Go to the Manage Security Tab within the Account Administration Tab
4. Change the option of Allow Non-referenced Credits to Yes. If the option is disabled then you need to email Paypal at and request the option to be set to Yes

5. Click the 'Confirm' button, the change may take an hour to take effect

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