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Issue: How to process a Book and Ship transactions in GP using Credit Card Advantage


BOOK transaction is a pre-authorization that holds funds against a future fulfillment – the funds are reserved for the merchant running the transaction.

SHIP transaction is a delayed capture that takes place when the item is fulfilled. Only then can a Ship transaction on the customer card be processed.

Processing a Book transaction:

1.   Open or create a new Sales Order (Transactions > Sales > Sales Transaction Entry)
2.   Choose an Order from the Type/Type ID dropdown
3.    Fill out the Sales Transaction Entry form and press Ctrl+B to open e-Transaction Entry screen
4.   Enter or choose credit card information
5.   The Trx Type dropdown should be Book
6.   Click the Process button 
7.   After viewing as needed, close the confirmation and receipt options screens
8.   Leave the Authorized Transactions window open and retrieve the Sales Transaction Entry window

Processing a Ship transaction:

9.   Retrieve the Sales Order by going to Transactions > Sales > Sales Transaction Entry
10.  From the Actions menu dropdown (next to Save), click Transfer
11. When the Sales Transfer Documents window opens, mark the Transfer to Invoice and Include Totals and Deposits checkboxes

NOTE: Use the Create Back Order option when there are not enough items available – CCA will create a back ordered document

12. Click the Transfer button to transfer the order to an invoice

NOTE: The order, now an invoice, can now be processed as a Ship transaction

13. In the Authorized Transactions window, from the Type dropdown, choose Ship Transaction
14. Click the Ship button
15. The Authorizations confirmation window opens. Review the information and when finished, click OK
16. Click OK to close the Sales Payment Entry window
17. From the Sales Entry Transaction window, click Save

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