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Issue: When trying to delete a batch in Nodus CCA, users get the warning as shown: ‘There are batch transactions entered from the Cash Receipt Entry screen.  Please go to Cash Receipt Entry screen or Receivables Batches screen to delete the transactions.'

Cause: You cannot delete a batch that was created through the receivables modules. The receivables batch needs to be deleted from the CCA Support Utility


You will need to delete the RM_Cash batch using CCA Support Utility

1. Log into GP as 'SA'
2. Right-click the Navigation pane on the left side of GP and then
      a. Click on Add > Window
      b. From the Add Short Cut window, double click or expand Credit Card Advantage

      c. Double click or expand 3rd Party, select CCA Support Utility then click the Add button

3. CCA Support Utility window should now appear on the naviation pane along with other GP windows
4. Click the Remove Batch Trx button and select Cash Receipt from the Batch Source drop down

6. Enter the GP Batch Number and click the Remove button

For further assistance, submit a Support Request or call us at (909) 482-4701

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