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Issue: How to host Nodus Encryption passcodes (for Nodus Encryption versions 2.14 and later) 
1.       Go to KEK server and check if the Nodus Key Server service and Nodus Edek Rotator are running. Go to Services (All Programs > Administrative Tools > Services)     
2.       If the KEK service is not running your Key Server Monitor will show the Server state as “Stopped” and Key status as “Service not available”
(To open Nodus Key Server Monitor go to Start > All Programs > Nodus Technologies > Nodus Encryption (or Encryption) > Key Server Monitor)
3.       After starting the Nodus Key Server service the Server state will change to “Running” and Key Status as “Not hosted”
4.       Click “Host key” and enter the two pass codes in the prompt shown below. 
5.       After successfully entering the pass codes the Key status will change to “Hosted”.

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