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Credit Card Advantage:

Credit Card Advantage offers fast, accurate verification of electronic payments in a matter of seconds, providing the missing piece that connects your credit card processing to your accounting solution, in a secure environment. This solution seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Companies today need a system for accepting credit cards that is fast, secure and reliable. Credit Card Advantage speeds and simplifies credit card processing from the instant a card is processed to end-of-the-month reconciliation. Faster approval times and automatic data transfer to your accounting solution increase productivity, reduce overhead, and streamline business operations allowing your company to achieve Rapid ROI. And with the addition of our merchant services, Nodus is your "one stop shop" for all e-payment needs!

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Choose the Version of CCA that Best Suits Your Company's Credit Card Processing Needs

Credit Card Advantage goes beyond just standard credit card processing. Tight integration with multiple gateways, processors, and back office environments delivers flexible, reliable services from the first transaction on. CCA is simply the most powerful and secure electronic payment solution in its class! - Using Credit Card Advantage, businesses can eliminate redundant, error-prone data-entry and reduce time spent on reconciliation by as much as 75%.

Credit Card Advantage Product Features:
Lite Pro
Real-Time Verification: Verify credit card payments in real-time
Encryption & Card Number Masking: All info is encrypted, and card numbers are masked when displayed to comply with PCI compliance
Address / ZIP Verification: Allows your company to enforce correct address verification
Level 2 and Level 3 Verification: Submit to payment gateway / processor for Level 2 and Level 3 verification
Failure on CVV2 Mismatch: Allows users enforce CVV2 verification
Company Default Setup: Allows you to set the default setup id
Freight & Miscellaneous Adjustment: Automatically adds amount to document total as Freight or Miscellaneous charges when authorizing a Book transaction
End of Day Procedure: Allows you to preview each Setup ID's credit card activity for the day, and print historical settlement reports and daily transaction reports
Customer Inquiry: View processed transactions waiting to settle, and settled transactions
Denied Transaction: Delivers reason for denial & options to resubmit or delete transaction
Expired Cards: Generates a report which shows if any customers have expired credit cards
Multiple Credit Cards Storage: Allow one customer to have multiple credit cards on file
Save Info to Customer Card: Automatically save the credit card to customer maintenance window if the transaction is approved
Check Payment Terms in Sales Header : Check the payment terms on the Sales Header instead of on the customer maintenance. If payment term exists we will display a warning
Shipment Confirmation Email : Send a shipment confirmation email when tracking number is entered
Email Receipt: Send email receipt if transaction is approved sale, or ship
Warn if Unapplied Cash Receipt: Warn if the cash receipt is not applied to an invoice. This will collect level 2 / level 3 details on the invoice
Disable Receipts: Disables receipts to be printed after processing the transaction
Batch Mode Verification: Save credit card transactions in a batch for later verification
Auto-Batch Credit Card Processing: Automatic batch transaction for credit card submittal and processing
Auto-Batch ACH: Automatic batch transaction for Automatic Clearing House for electronic fund transfer
Automatic Reconciliation: Enables you to reconcile credit card transactions recorded in your accounting systems with those recorded through your payment processor
Automatic Renewal Expired Batch: Automatically renews expired book transactions and updates expiration date
Card Transaction Reports: Enables you to query and generate a list of credit card transactions by user, date, card, amount, and more
Track Information: Specify which track to send when you swipe the credit card
User Security Default Setup: Allows you to set user security default setup information
Book Duration Setup: Set duration for how long book transaction is open for specific card
Multiple Booking: Allows a document to be associated with several book transactions
Partial Shipping: When booked quantities in a Sales Order exceed number of available items, automatically transfers shortage into a Back Order and processes a new book transaction for the Back Order
Shortcut Keys: Change the default shortcut keys for opening eTransaction Entry window
Multiple Currency: Support Multiple Currency Credit Card processing
Support for Blue Moon SOP Auto Invoice: SOP Auto Invoicing
Support for Encore Business Solutions: Recurring Contract Billing
Support for AvaTax ST: Automated Sales & Use Tax Calculation
Customization Available
Open Architecture: Support for multiple payment gateways and processors VeriSign,
All Current + New Adds
Number of GP User Licenses Unlimited Unlimited

PCI Compliance: Credit Card Encryption, Assessment and Security Scanning

Nodus also provides the only commercially available Credit Card Encryption solution which features advanced 256-bit key encryption for companies who store credit card info in the Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer Card file. All credit card numbers are masked down to the last 4 digits, meeting the strictest state and government requirements. In addition, Nodus offers a PCI self-assessment questionnaire and quarterly security vulnerability scanning to meet full PCI Compliance.

Add More Functionality to Your E-Payment Solution

Credit Card Advantage gives you the power and flexibility to add more functionality to your accounting solution. With our optional E-Commerce and Online Bill Pay solutions you will empower your employees and your business. - Start verifying credit card info from sales transaction screens in as little as 15 minutes. Tight integration with multiple payment gateways, processors, and back office environments delivers flexible, reliable credit card processing from your first transaction on!

For more information - Contact Nodus or call us directly at: (909) 482-4701.
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