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ePay Advantage:

ePay Advantage offers the latest online payment technology for enterprises that want to provide their customers with the convenience of online billing and payment collection. ePay Advantage allows customers to view their open invoices and pay them with a credit card or an electronic check. ePay integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP to automate billing processes and provide real-time payment processing. It can also be easily integrated with your e-commerce website or eStore Solution Stack.

Go Paperless with Electronic Billing and Payment Collection for your Company

For many companies, handling invoices is still an old-fashion paper process despite the fact that customers' experience is becoming more web-based everyday. By using Nodus ePay Advantage, Microsoft Dynamics GP users can avoid this disjointed method of invoicing, and send the invoices electronically to their customers. The result is a streamlined and automated business process that reduces the billing cycle and collection cost; improves efficiency, cash flow and communication.

ePay Advantage supports both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) for the Biller Direct Model within Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Models. This means that the vendor sends invoices directly to the customer and the customer can logon to the vendor's web site, browse their invoices, process payments, download invoices & confirm payments.

ePay Advantage accepts credit cards or electronic checks as payment methods. The payment transaction is fast and secure with payment captured immediately. The transaction data is then seamlessly transferred to Microsoft Dynamics GP for auto-posting to your cash management.

ePay Advantage Product Features:
Electronic Payment Processing: Auto-create Microsoft Dynamics GP cash receipts and process real time payments applied to invoices selected by customer.
Secure Login: Secured login using their Microsoft Dynamics GP customer's ID number with password protection or with extended feature to allow email address as login customer's ID.
My Account: Customers can selectively pay one or more invoices in full or partially.
Multiple Payment Options: Customers can process payments using credit cards, electronic checks or ACH. They can also store payment information for easy access.
Invoicing: Customers can drill down on the detail of an invoice before payment and also view their invoices.
Electronic Billing: Send payment confirmation email including payment details.
Single Sign-On: Ability to pass-through user credentials for seamless integration with existing sites.
Payment History: Customers can view their past payments and print out the receipts.
Schedule Individual Payments: Schedule individual payments to be processed on a later date.
CSR & National Account Functions: View invoices & process payments on behalf of assigned customer accounts.
Disconnected Mode: ePay website can function independent of the Microsoft Dynamics GP. Information automatically gets synchronized when GP is back online.
Installation: Nodus GP Integration Middleware and ePay Website provided as a Single Installation
Optional Easy Add-on Features:
Installment Payments: Create scheduled payment contracts to payoff outstanding invoices through installments. Payments are auto-generated at scheduled intervals and applied to the invoice.
Recurring Payments: Customers can create recurring payment contracts specifying items and billing frequency. Recurring invoices are auto-generated and brought into Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Connect Your Business for Success!

With ePay Advantage, your customers gain the convenience to pay their invoices and view their payment history online. The end-result is that you have a happy customer, reduce operational cost, and enhance your company's competitive position.

For more information - Contact Nodus or call us directly at: (909) 482-4701.
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