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Credit Card Advantage with AvaTax™

Credit Card Advantage is a powerful and secure credit card processing solution that enables you to verify payments in real-time. AvaTax™ is a fully featured sales and use tax engine. By integrating Credit Card Advantage with AvaTax™, companies can now process their transactions and sales tax in one fully-integrated, automated step.

Add Automated Sales Tax Processing To E-Payment Management

Nodus Technologies provides an integration with Avalara's sales tax automation Web service to enhance our suite of electronic payment and e-commerce products. This integration provides an accurate, automated way of calculating sales tax - in real time - across the more than 8,000 North American taxing jurisdictions with every payment and each e-commerce transaction.

With its streamlined, simplified model for handling sales tax, AvaTax™ offers businesses processing electronic payments a much-needed service. By combining AvaTax™ with Credit Card Advantage, Nodus expands the value of our e-payment offering. Businesses can now eliminate the need for manual research or expensive manual or software-based tax solutions.

This enhancement package provides a single, comprehensive and fully-integrated solution that simplifies the way credit card and electronic payments - including sales tax - are managed in ERP and e-commerce environments.

Next Generation Technology of Secure Sales Tax Calculations

AvaTax™ Connect is a workhorse that outperforms expensive, antiquated tax calculation systems at a fraction of the cost. It was built from the ground up using the latest industry standards for security, networking and data technologies - including XML, Web Services, SOAP and http (standard protocols used on all platforms including AS400, Unix and Windows).

The bottom line? AvaTax™ ST operates seamlessly in the background as an integral part of a company's existing financial or accounting system. Here are three main capabilities of AvaTax™:

Address Validation for Correct Identification of Tax Jurisdiction: Advanced matching process to verify and correct addresses. Includes a full street address verification, validation, correction, and lookup feature.
Sales and Use Tax Calculation: Accurately calculate all taxes transparently in the background each time you create an invoice. Enables accurate tax calculation by selecting a product and invoicing it based on the receiving address.
Secure Data Storage for Tax Filing and Reporting: Complete transaction history and detailed reports of every transaction. All communications between your systems and the AvaTax service use the strongest encryption available.

By integrating AvaTax™ Connect with Credit Card Advantage, businesses can now process their transactions and sales tax in one fully-integrated, automated step!

For more information - Contact Nodus or call us directly at: (909) 482-4701.
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