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Credit Card Encryption

Credit Card Encryption provides all Microsoft Dynamics GP users the appropriate safeguards and security procedures necessary to protect sensitive credit card information. This software seamlessly integrates with Credit Card Advantage and Microsoft Dynamics GP to provide on the fly credit card encryption with a full audit trail. Credit Card Encryption comes with a quarterly network security scanning to comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Standard requirements. It is the only PCI compliance solution for the Microsoft Dynamics GP market today.

Advanced Encryption Algorithm to Protect Card Holder Data

Credit Card Encryption features an advanced encryption algorithm for all credit card info stored in the Microsoft Dynamics GP database including the customer card. All credit card numbers are masked down to the last 4 digits, meeting the strictest state and government requirements.

Credit Card Encryption also provides restricted access for decrypting the credit card information enhancing security protection against unauthorized access. It tracks every authorized decryption request to create a full audit trail for management. This empowers your accounting representatives or support personnel with the ability to deliver an uncompromised level of customer services while ensuring the highest level of security protection.

Credit Card Encryption Product Features:
Encryption & Card Number Masking: CCE uses an advanced encryption algorithm for all credit card information stored in the Microsoft Dynamics GP database to comply with government requirements
Customer Card Files: Encryption also applied to the data stored in the GP customer card file
Database Decryption: Provides restricted access for decrypting the credit card information to enhance security protection against unauthorized access
Single Card Decryption: Allows authorized users to run on screen decryption of a single card
Audit Trails: Creates an audit trail every time a credit card number is viewed. This report can be viewed and printed by authorized users
PCI Security Scans: Unlimited security scans of up to 6 domains or IP addresses
Self-Assessment Questionnaire: Assistance completing self-assessment questionnaire
Compliant Company Security Policy: Assistance preparing a compliant security policy
Expert Support: Full vulnerability remediation support from CISP certified security specialists
ERP Integration: Credit Card Encryption integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP and Small Business Financials

Quick, Simple Implementation

Start encrypting cardholder information today and certify that your operation meets PCI Compliance requirements. Using Nodus' Credit Card Encryption many clients successfully complete the program within a few hours of enrollment!

For more information - Contact Nodus or call us directly at: (909) 482-4701.
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