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Experience what Nodus Technologies can do for you with our online product demonstrations. Discover how to enhance your credit card processing and integrate Web orders, Retail, CRM, and electronic payments with multiple banks, processors, and back office environments.

Credit Card Advantage for Microsoft Dynamics

Credit Card Advantage is a powerful, flexible, and secure internet-based credit card processing solution that enables you to verify credit card payments over the web in real-time. This solution seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP, Small Business Financials, CRM, eCommerce, eOrder, and eConnect.

Click Here to View the Credit Card Advantage Demo

eStore Advantage for Microsoft Dynamics GP

eStore Advantage creates a fluid electronic payment process by connecting Web Stores directly to Microsoft Dynamics GP so you can automate web orders, improve operational efficiency, and increase net margins. You'll discover streamlined order processing that helps you gain sharp control over sales orders, cash receipts, inventory items, and customer information.

Click Here to View the eStore Advantage Demo

Retail Advantage for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Retail Advantage creates a seamless pathway between Retail Management System and Great Plains. Sales order data is automatically posted to Great Plains in real-time so you can eliminate delays and errors associated with manual data entry. Up-to-date sales information housed in a centralized location gives you a clear, comprehensive picture of your retail operation.

Click Here to View Retail Advantage Demo

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