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ePay Advantage: Online Bill Presentment and Payment for Microsoft Dynamics™ GP

ePay Advantage offers the latest online bill pay technology for enterprises that want to provide their customers with the convenience of online billing and payment collection. Nodus Online Bill Pay solution allows customers to view their open invoices and pay them with a credit card or an electronic check. ePay integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP to automate billing processes and provide real-time payment processing. Our online bill pay product can also be easily integrated with your existing e-Commerce website or Nodus eStore Solution Stack.

Go Paperless with Electronic Billing and Payment Collection for your Company

Today's customers expect the convenience of online bill pay. The good news? Giving your customers what they want also saves your company time and money.

ePay Advantage (Nodus Online Bill Pay) offers the latest in online bill presentment and payment technology for enterprises. Send invoice notifications to your customers. Let your customers view and pay their Dynamics GP invoices online. Eliminate double entry, wasted man hours, and endless journeys down a paper trail.

Our PA-DSS certified online bill pay solution is available for on-premises DSS to facilitate PCI Compliance requirements. Better yet, Nodus also offers off-premises Tokenization with Hosted Checkout Page to reduce the complexity of PCI Compliance Self-Assessment process.

ePay Advantage Product Features
Fully Featured Online Bill Pay Website Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP
Real-Time Electronic Payment Processing
Accept Multiple Payment Types Including Credit Cards, eChecks, and ACH
Full Fault Protection features, such as AVS and CVV2 support for credit card payments
Support latest Credit Card Tokenization Technology for Off-Premises Storage to Reduce PCI Compliance Burden
Support Hosted Checkout Page to Ensure Cardholder Data NEVER Touches Your Site and Reduce the Complexity of PCI Compliance Self-Assessment Process.
Only supported with Token version
Paylink -  Provides a One-Click-Payment Experience
Only supported with Token version
Secure Customer Login and Account Management with CAPTCHA Anti-Spam Protection
Secure Credit Card Wallet to save Payment Accounts for User Convenience
New Theme with Improved Layout to Enhance User Experience
Ability to View Dynamics GP Invoice Details in PDF Format and Export Invoices List to Excel
Send Payment Confirmation Email Including Payment Details
Support Unapplied Cash Receipt for Deposit or Prepayment
Send Email Reminder for Outstanding & Past Due Invoices
Provide Credit Card Expiration Email Notification and Report
Schedule Individual Payments to be Processed on a Later Date
Track Payment History and Scheduled Payments from Recent Activities
Integrated Online Bill Pay that Autocreates Cash Receipts and Apply Payment to Dynamics GP Outstanding Invoices
View Invoice History and Search Invoices by Number, Date, and Source
Optional Installment Payment Contracts to Payoff Outstanding Invoices through Installments
Optional Recurring Invoicing Contracts specifying Terms and Billing Frequency
Optional Auto Payment Contracts specifying Terms & Payment Frequency
Optional integrated Web-based Sales Order Entry for Microsoft Dynamics GP
Support Dynamics GP Term Discount to Promote Customer Loyalty
Single Sign-On: Ability to pass-through User Credentials for integration with existing sites
Mobile Ready Online Bill Pay

Connect Your Business for Success!

With ePay Advantage for your Online Bill Pay needs, your customers gain the convenience to pay their invoices and view their payment history online. The end-result is that you have a happy customer, reduce operational cost, and enhance your company's competitive position.

Let Nodus help you choose the Gateway that best suits your Company's ePayment processing needs

Nodus supports multiple Gateways with their products. Let Nodus help you determine which Supported Gateways will best suit your Company's specific needs.

For more information on Nodus Online Bill Pay call us at: (909) 482-4701


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