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eStore Advantage creates a fluid electronic payment process by connecting Web Stores directly to Microsoft Dynamics GP so you can automate web orders, improve operational efficiency, and increase net margins. You'll discover streamlined order processing that helps you gain sharp control over sales orders, cash receipts, inventory items, and customer information - eliminate double-entry errors and free resources previously dedicated to manual order processing.

Streamline Your Business and Automate Your Web Orders:

For countless companies, handling orders initiated from a web store is a time-consuming, inefficient process. To overcome the challenges, Nodus Technologies created eStore Advantage. This enterprise-level application manages transaction details and allows vital information to be communicated seamlessly between your Web Store and Microsoft Dynamics GP. Leveraging the advanced functionality of Credit Card Advantage and Microsoft eConnect, this dynamic solution seamlessly integrates your existing web store with vital back office applications, enabling companies to process credit cards directly on their website or other proprietary system and transfer the data directly to Great Plains with no additional process. The true power of eStore Advantage lies in its ability to facilitate communication between previously disconnected applications. The result is a truly integrated solution that enhances the functionality of each application to streamline the entire order process.

eStore Advantage Product Features:

Electronic Payments

Originate payments from any Web Store, Retail, B2B portal, call center, ERP, or CRM solution
Use major payment gateway including VeriSign, Paymentech, CyberSource, &
Accept multiple payment types including credit cards, electronic checks, and ACH
Employ html auto-generation to streamline creation of transaction entry and response pages
Sales Order Processing
Sales Order creation (Returns, Orders, Back Orders, Quotes, Invoices)
Create and modify customer information
Inventory Item creation and modification
Request information from back office (Customers, Inventory, and Sales Order data)
eConnect Integration
eStore Advantage comes pre-packaged with Microsoft eConnect Run-Time License
By default uses web service to interface with back office server *
For intranet implementations, could be configured to directly communicate with the eConnect (EAI) interface *
Can be configured to use BizTalk or MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queue) for additional transactional support.
Any other modules and documents supported by eConnect API

( * Customization Available Upon Request )

eStore Solution Stack: E-Commerce Made Easy!

Nodus' eStore Solution Stack leverages the power of eStore Advantage, and includes Credit Card Advantage, Transact Advantage, a Fully Featured E-Commerce Webstore, GP Integration Middleware, Microsoft eConnect Run-Time License, electronic payment processing engine, and powerful integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Click here to schedule a demo and learn more about eStore.

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