Integrated Ecommerce Solutions

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Ora is the founder of Mekorma. She either directly developed or oversaw development for many of the most popular add-ins for Microsoft Dynamics GP, including Mekorma MICR and Credit Card Advantage. Ora currently works on Mekorma’s strategy team and manages the company Free Spirit Marketing, Inc. and the non-profit One Act a Day, Inc.

Chester is a proven & highly successful leader for enterprise software, financial services, and ISO businesses. M&A expertise from both a strategic and financial buyer perspective. He maintains executive leadership in sales, marketing, software development (eCommerce, ERP, Point-of-Sale, payment processing systems) and embeddable IP.

Kevin has over 18 years experience in the payments space and is currently SVP global business development at 2Checkout is a global payments processor, trusted by over 50,000 merchants, which supports transactions in 196 countries through 8 payment methods, 26 currencies, and 15 languages � making the company one of the top processors of online transactions in the world.

Brian is currently the Director of Security - GRC at Microsoft, responsible for overseeing the implementation and delivery of a formal GRC Program across their Operating Systems Group. He has 21 years of experience in IT Security and Risk Management for Fortune 500 Companies. He is also the owner and CEO of Red Sherpa Enterprises, LLC. where he manages P&L and property management vendor relationships, oversees market analysis and pricing decisions, coordinates contracts and payments for business operations in WA and HI.

Alex is an entrepreneur starting several businesses, and helped develop the first small business incubator in the San Gabriel Valley. He managed several small business lending programs, consulted with nonprofits and cities on economic development projects and taught college in entrepreneurship, business and management. He is a founding Managing Director with California Technology Ventures, LLC, J.J. Jacobs Enterprises, LLC and Jacobs Capital Group, LLC.