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Nodus' Multi-Channel Retail Product Suite for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Nodus provides the industry's first comprehensive product suite designed for small- and mid-size multi-channel retailers. Integration of multi-channel retail information with Microsoft Dynamics enables businesses to connect e-commerce, catalog, and brick and mortar storefronts to improve efficiencies.

Nodus' Multi-Channel Product Suite includes:

Retail Advantage for stores who use Microsoft RMS / Point-of-Sale
eStore Solution Stack for E-Commerce and Online Catalogs
ePay Advantage for Online Billing and Payment Collection
Credit Card Advantage for Mail Orders and Telephone Orders

Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP, this product suite enables retailers to manage inventory, sales orders, billing and payments from e-commerce and physical storefronts via a single interface.

Connect Your Business for Success!

Managing multiple retail channels with different software packages is inefficient and ineffective. To keep pace with the big companies, today's retailers need a cohesive strategy for managing inventory for both their online stores and physical stores, as well as a strategy for using web stores to enhance the customer's experience. With this product suite Nodus gives small- and mid-size multi-channel retailers a competitive advantage across every sales channel.

In creating the Multi-Channel Retail Suite, Nodus leveraged its expertise in integrating the ERP component with e-commerce, mail orders, telephone orders, and retail operations. Optional e-commerce add-ons allows retailers to combine the power of web catalogs, online commerce and call center selling with the in-store experience all through one centralized back-office.

By fully integrating these components with financial and accounting systems, multi-channel retailers can now view real-time sales, inventory and purchasing information. This gives retailers the ability to quickly respond to market demands, effectively manage their supply chains and enables them to streamline their operations

In a consumer survey commissioned by Deloitte & Touche USA LLP during the 2006 year-end holiday season, an unprecedented 63% of shoppers said they went to the retailer's website searching for product or store information before shopping at the store. With consumers trending toward a blended shopping experience, retailers can no longer afford to consider e-commerce and physical stores as two separate entities.

For more information - Contact Nodus or call us directly at: (909) 482-4701.
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