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Nodus Technologies PCI Compliance Program

Nodus now provides a complete solution to assist merchants in meeting PCI Compliance requirements. Our PCI Compliance offering consists of a free quarterly security scanning service with an ongoing software enhancement subscription for Nodus' Credit Card Encryption program.

How Nodus Can Help Your Business Become PCI Compliant

To fully comply with PCI requirements, a merchant doing less than 6 million transactions a year will need to do the following:

Encrypt all credit card information before storage

Complete an annual self assessment questionnaire

Perform a quarterly security scanning of their IT infrastructure

Credit Card Encryption is essential to be able to meet PCI compliance requirements. Our solution features 256-bit key encryption for all credit card information stored in the Microsoft Dynamics GP customer database. This product also provides restricted access for decrypting the credit card information to enhance security protection against unauthorized access.

Nodus Technologies has partnered with the industry leader, ScanAlert, to offer a quarterly scanning service with PCI compliance certification to give merchants peace of mind. ScanAlert is the only security scan vendor to be independently certified to the CISP highest level of security standard by Visa International. This ScanAlert Certified PCI Compliance Program includes:

Unlimited security scans of up to 2 domains or IP addresses
Full vulnerability remediation support from CISP certified security specialists
Assistance completing your self-assessment questionnaire
Assistance preparing a compliant security policy

Using Nodus' Credit Card Encryption and ScanAlert's interactive self-assessment form and full technical support, many clients successfully complete the program within a few hours of enrollment!

For info about Nodus' PCI Compliance Program please CONTACT US or call us at: (909) 482-4701.

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