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Nodus Technologies and Mekorma Announce Joint ePayment Processing Solution

Los Angeles, CA--May. 1, 2002--Mekorma, the leader in providing integrated payment solutions for the Microsoft Great Plains community, and Nodus Technologies, the foremost provider of revolutionary technologies that streamline electronic payment processing, announced today a partnership that gives Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains accounting software customers an opportunity to streamline credit card processing.

Having concluded beta testing that stressed the solution in a variety of circumstances, the new solution, aptly named Credit Card Advantage, has been well received by the business community and at its initial launch sites.

Providing streamlined electronic verification and processing of credit card payments, Credit Card Advantage is ideal for companies using the Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains accounting system because of its ability to seamlessly integrate credit card processing into their existing environment.

"The heart of Credit Card Advantage is a patent-pending transaction server, which uses HTTP, SOAP/XML, or COM to initiate payments, process them through the appropriate payment gateway, and post them to the Microsoft Great Plains accounting package," said Donte Kim, founder, president, and chief executive officer of Nodus Technologies. "This gives Credit Card Advantage the ability to seamlessly support virtually any web-based client, business application, processor, or gateway."

Having successfully spun off from Mekorma in the second quarter of 2002, Nodus Technologies is working closely with the team at Mekorma to make implementation easy for companies by offering "plug-in" integration for multiple processors and payment gateways, as well as a developer tool that is designed specifically to support front-end programs including vertical order systems, E-commerce solutions and Point of Sales (POS) solutions.

"Credit Card Advantage allows for robust reporting, book and ship capabilities, and one of the highest levels of security available," said Ora Shamayim-V'artez, CEO of Mekorma and a member of Nodus Technologies' board of directors. "A solution of this caliber has been long-awaited by customers using the Microsoft Great Plains accounting system, and we are excited to have the opportunity to bring this robust technology to the market."

About Mekorma

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Mekorma has provided solutions to compliment the Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains product line since the birth of the Great Plains software introduction in 1993. As a premier Industry Software Vendor within the Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains community, Mekorma's products include MICR Check Printing, Credit Card Advantage and Voucher Pay Select. Each of Mekorma's products has become industry standards for the Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains community. In 2000, Mekorma received the prestigious award of the Microsoft Great Plains Global Developer of the Year. Additional industry recognition includes President's Club membership for five consecutive years, Inner Circle membership for four years, and Partner's Choice Developer of the Year in 1998.

Mekorma continues to deliver world-class products that enhance the functional use of the Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains product line. For more information about Mekorma's products and services, visit

About Nodus Technologies, Inc.

Nodus Technologies, Inc. sets the standard for electronic payment processing with revolutionary solutions. Based on a collaborative framework, Nodus' solutions are designed to integrate with Microsoft Great Plains accounting systems as well as other accounting packages, POS, B2B portal, call center, ERP, and CRM solutions.

The Nodus Technologies Payment Advantage Suite is a robust application that provides an open architecture that readily supports the incremental addition of payment gateways and business environments. Leveraging Nodus' patent-pending technology, Credit Card Advantage is designed to simplify all aspects of electronic payment processing in a powerful, easy-to-use solution.

Nodus Technologies' unique solutions integrate with the fastest, most secure, and reliable payment gateways in the industry, including Verisign, Paymentech, and others. These solutions work with multiple payment types (i.e., credit cards, electronic checks, and ACH) giving merchants to the flexibility to add or change payment gateways simply and quickly, without modifying software or code. Companies implementing these technologies benefit from the ability to automate the transfer of data from front-end to back-end applications and seamlessly integrate with existing e-commerce web sites using simple interfaces. Additionally, the automatic generation of required and optional information fields and ability to modify field presentation makes implementation a breeze.

With customers throughout North America, Nodus Technologies provides a standard interface that helps merchants streamline electronic payment processing.

For more information - Contact Nodus or call us directly at: (909) 482-4701.
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