According to key findings released by Forrester Research, electronic bill users are…
    Percent less likely to leave
      Percent more likely to pay their bills on time



      Return on Investment

      With ePay Advantage, not only will you reduce the cost of the paper billing and collection process, but you can also increase your revenue by turning your customer touch points into an opportunity to offering targeted promotional content. Let us show you the ROI with improved business cash flow.


      ePay Advantage creates convenience and flexibility for your customers by providing 24/7 secure access to their accounts. Customer satisfaction and engagement is increased through full visibility and online control of their payment and transaction data. Customers have the ability to check invoices, and payment history at their leisure, reducing your call center demands. ePay can even help customers update their A/P module, simplifying the payment process.

      Increase Payments While Building Trust

      Because of the potential for fraud, customers may be hesitant to provide their payment information online. ePay Advantage is a PA-DSS certified solution that allows you to easily customize your invoices and payment portal to match company branding so customers quickly recognize your billing statements and feel comfortable paying online. The seamless experience connecting your website and brand will increase customer trust and engagement.


      Automated Billing Process

      ePay Advantage offers real-time integration that works seamlessly with your existing website, accounting, CRM, and custom solutions. By fully automating your billing and payment process, you eliminate labor intense and error-prone data entry. ePay Advantage allows you to automatically generate payment documents with seamless integration to Microsoft Dynamics (GP, AX, SL, CRM), maintaining your current infrastructure while enhancing operational efficiency.

      Additional Payment Modules

      Optional modules for subscriptions, recurring billing, installment plans, and web-sales make ePay Advantage the perfect fit for almost any business model. With PayLink, customers can make payments without having to log into the portal, simplifying the process for your customers, and increasing your business cash flow.

      RESTful API

      The ePay RESTful API allows developers to quickly integrate ePay Advantage functionality with any solution. REST is a logical choice for building APIs that allow users to connect and interact with cloud services. You can securely interact with our API from any client-side web application. Easily send customer data, invoices, and payments into ePay to make the information available on the portal and retrieve completed payments from ePay to record the transaction into any solution.

      DEVELOPER’S Tool

      The ePay RESTful API allows for developers to quickly integrate ePay with any solution


      Send customer data, invoices, and payments from any application into ePay to make the information available on the portal.


      Retrieve completed payments from ePay to record the transaction into any solution.