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In today's eWorld, eBusiness is everything. To keep your business in the game, you need solutions that support your eEfforts by enabling you to process payments within any website or business application. Transact Advantage is a revolutionary electronic payment processing solution that combines transaction management and processing support in one complete package. Nodus Technologies ensures you manage electronic payments efficiently, and effectively, every time.

Improving the Way You Process E-Payments

Transact Advantage is a developer tool that enables companies to quickly and easily process payments within any website or business application and automates the transfer of data to the accounting system. At the core of our eStore Advantage solution is the Transaction Server - Transact Advantage Server. A powerful backbone for our current and future products, Transact Advantage Server uses HTTP, SOAP/XML, or COM to initiate payments from virtually any web-based client or business application, process them through the appropriate payment gateway, and post them to the associated accounting package.

Gateway Connections Made Simple

Gateways are your connection to processors and issuing banks. They enable you to authorize and receive electronic payments. Transact Advantage allows you to have your choice of gateways and processors. Whether you need to implement new connections, modify or update systems to accommodate payment gateway changes, or switch to a completely different gateway, Transact Advantage is the solution you need. Based on a collaborative framework and open architecture, this solution readily supports the incremental addition of payment gateways and new business applications simply and quickly.

With Transact Advantage You Can:

  • Integrate easily with back-end business environments including Microsoft Dynamics GP, Small Business Financials, eOrder, and eCommerce
  • Gain the flexibility to change payment gateways simply and quickly and also manages changes to payment gateway technologies so you don't have to
  • Enable origination of payments from virtually any Web Store, Retail, B2B portal, call center, ERP, or CRM system
  • Employ easy-to-use interfaces and fully customizable HTML templates to integrate into existing e-commerce web sites
  • Simplify the transfer of data from front-end applications to your back-office environment with smart business adapters
  • Supports major payment gateways including VeriSign, PayPal, Paymentech, CyberSource, and more, as well as multiple payment types (i.e., credit cards, electronic checks, and ACH).
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