In today’s highly competitive market place, companies can’t afford to be held up by disconnected systems and manual data entry. In the past 15 years, Nodus has served over 1500+ global accounts, providing a standard interface that helps merchants streamline ecommerce, electronic payment processing, and retail business process automation.

Our Vision & Values

Nodus Technologies is a leading provider of electronic payment, e-commerce, and retail business process automation software for small and mid-size companies. Nodus leverages Service Oriented Architecture and web services technologies to provide cost effective, comprehensive e-commerce and electronic payments solution for Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

Known for the superior integration and flexibility of our solutions, Nodus enables businesses to integrate Credit Card Processing, eCommerce, CRM, Web-Based Sale Order Entry, and Online Billing, ACH Processing with multiple banks, processors and back office environments. Our product suite has a proven track record and leads the market in reliability and ease of use with Microsoft Dynamics.