Getting paid on time

How To Motivate Customers To Pay On Time

Cash flow is key to keeping any business afloat. According to a study by Jessie Hagen of US Bank, 82% of businesses that fail go under because of poor cash flow management.[1] Some customers might be holding off on payment so that they can keep liquid capital in their hands as long as possible . […]

Payment Term Discounts

Feature Spotlight: Payment Term Discounts

Although completing a sale or service is the lifeblood of any business, the story doesn’t end there. You need to ensure that your customers follow through with timely payments. Good cash flow is important for a number of reasons; the need for agility, the importance of infrastructure improvements, and the threat of unexpected expenses are […]

Product Updates Q3 2021

Product Updates: Summer 2021

Our Summer 2021 updates are here for our integrated electronic payment processing software. These enhancements focus on encouraging faster payments and bringing enhanced security around payment collection.

Product Spotlight - Customer Payment Portal

Product Spotlight: Customer Payment Portal

When it comes to receivables, the quicker and easier it is for customers to make payments, the faster the merchant will get paid. One great way to improve the bill paying process for customers is to give them access to a payment portal where they can view and pay their outstanding invoices. Online payment portals offer customers 24/7 access to their account and give them the ability to manage their payment information and make payments on their own.

Product Updates - Spring 2021

Product Updates: Spring 2021

Our Spring 2021 updates are here for our integrated electronic payment processing software. These enhancements focus on flexible payment options and support for the latest versions of Microsoft Dynamics. Below is a list of some of the main new features.

Flexible Payment Options

Why Flexible Payment Options Are a Must for Businesses

As a company who already accepts payments from your customers, you might be asking yourself what effect offering more than one way to pay will have on your business. The truth is, flexible payment options benefit not only the customer but also the merchant.

Payment Reminders

Feature Spotlight: Payment Reminders

On average, 14.7 percent of B2B receivables are overdue and the days sales outstanding (DSO) average has increased from 39.7 days to 42.6 days for B2B businesses in 20201. One of the biggest reasons for overdue payments is that companies fail to follow up with customers in a timely manner. Unfortunately, a lot of companies […]

Product Updates Winter 2021

Product Updates – Winter 2021

Our Winter 2021 product updates are on the way! These enhancements focus on additional payment options to give companies more flexibility with their payment acceptance process. Below is a list of some of the main new features. PayFabric Receivables Description: Receivables management and customer payment portal. New Features Summary Invoice Type Management – A new […]

Payment Trends 2021

What to Expect in B2B Payment Trends in 2021

American Express has outlined the top five business-to-business (B2B) payment trends to watch for in 2021. The trends include topics such as eCommerce and security, along with ways to improve overall cash flow and the relationship between the buyer and seller. Although these trends can be partially attributed to the normal changing of technology and […]

GP Optimizer Blog

GP Optimizer Live Winter 2021

2020 has taught us a lot about our businesses, our day-to-day processes, and areas where we might need to improve. What better way to start planning for 2021 than by joining some of the most influential people in the GP channel as we discuss ways to better enhance our Microsoft Dynamics GP investment? Your favorite […]