Payment Reminders

Feature Spotlight: Payment Reminders

On average, 14.7 percent of B2B receivables are overdue and the days sales outstanding (DSO) average has increased from 39.7 days to 42.6 days for B2B businesses in 20201. One of the biggest reasons for overdue payments is that companies fail to follow up with customers in a timely manner. Unfortunately, a lot of companies […]

Product Updates Winter 2021

Product Updates – Winter 2021

Our Winter 2021 product updates are on the way! These enhancements focus on additional payment options to give companies more flexibility with their payment acceptance process. Below is a list of some of the main new features. PayFabric Receivables Description: Receivables management and customer payment portal. New Features Summary Invoice Type Management – A new […]

Payment Trends 2021

What to Expect in B2B Payment Trends in 2021

American Express has outlined the top five business-to-business (B2B) payment trends to watch for in 2021. The trends include topics such as eCommerce and security, along with ways to improve overall cash flow and the relationship between the buyer and seller. Although these trends can be partially attributed to the normal changing of technology and […]

GP Optimizer Blog

GP Optimizer Live Winter 2021

2020 has taught us a lot about our businesses, our day-to-day processes, and areas where we might need to improve. What better way to start planning for 2021 than by joining some of the most influential people in the GP channel as we discuss ways to better enhance our Microsoft Dynamics GP investment? Your favorite […]

Digital Payment Adoption

How the Pandemic has Shaped Digital Payment Adoption

One of the biggest struggles for businesses in 2020 has been how to continue to generate and collect revenue while the world has been working remotely. With all of the sudden change in how consumers are able to make purchases, companies have had to act quickly to stay up and running. In 2020, companies who […]

Data Migration Made Easy

Hassle-Free Payment Data Migration

Hassle-Free Payment Data Migration Switching your payment provider has never been easier Migrating your payment data (your customers’ saved credit cards and banking account details) from one payment provider to another can be daunting. Data migration in general is seen as a risky procedure, and businesses aim to avoid it in fear of losing or […]

Product Spotlight PayLink

Product Spotlight – PayLink

It’s time to stop hassling with paper checks and collecting credit cards over the phone.  Speed up your collections process by offering your customers a quick and secure way to send payment information. PayFabric PayLink is a secure hyperlink that can be sent to your customers via email or text message to collect and process […]

Product Updates Summer 2020

Product Updates – Summer 2020

We are excited to announce our Summer product releases for 2020. These enhancements focus on providing merchants more control over their payment processing and enhancing the overall user experience. Below is a highlight of our product updates. For a full list of added features and updates, please review the associated release notes.  PayFabric Description: A […]

Order Management

Accelerating the Order Management Cycle with Automation

Guest Blog by SalesPad Take a moment to think about your order-to-cash workflow. If you are spending time completing redundant tasks such as sending out shipping status emails or creating vendor receipts, there is definitely some room for automation. By automating these crucial, yet repetitive tasks, you can help save your company valuable time throughout […]

New Release

PayFabric for Business Central – New Release – Spring 2020

The Nodus team has released a new version of our PayFabric for Business Central. This Spring 2020 update has many great features that give Business Central users more ways to process and integrate payments. Here is a highlight of the main new features: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2020 Release Wave 1 update, also known […]