Order Management

Guest Blog by SalesPad

Take a moment to think about your order-to-cash workflow. If you are spending time completing redundant tasks such as sending out shipping status emails or creating vendor receipts, there is definitely some room for automation. By automating these crucial, yet repetitive tasks, you can help save your company valuable time throughout the workday as well as cut down on business cost.

Our partner, SalesPad, has broken down the five ways automation will transform your entire order-to-cash cycle. Read their full blog post on their website.

SalesPad and Nodus have partnered up to provide manufacturing and distribution companies a complete order-to-cash solution. Companies can now streamline their entire order management cycle from inventory management through to payment application back into their accounting system.

For more information on how SalesPad and Nodus can bring automation to your order-to-cash cycle, contact us.