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Recurring customers are a valuable asset to businesses as they are often your most loyal advocates. They are the ones that are most likely to leave good reviews and recommend your products to others. They also create stable and predictable revenue streams, as well as costing less to maintain than acquiring new customers.

However, invoicing and processing repeat customers can be tedious, especially at a large scale. Not only will your employees spend valuable time generating invoices and processing payments, they risk making human errors during the considerable data entry that this process entails. By automating the recurring billing cycle, you can free up your employees’ time, allowing them to focus on providing a great customer service experience.

The Encore + Nodus Bundle

Encore and Nodus have joined together to offer a complete recurring billing solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP users.

Step 1 – Create invoices with Encore

Encore Subscription Billing automates cyclical and subscription billing for Microsoft Dynamics GP users by automatically generating invoices, quotes, and orders.

Merchants have the option to:

  1. Recognize revenue evenly over a predefined period using the Deferral Profile functionality.
  2. Automate repetitive procedures like specify at the line item level when the contract will start billing, how often it is to be billed, and when the contract will expire.

Step 2 – Collect payments with Nodus

Once the recurring invoice is generated, GP users can use Nodus to collect payments. Merchants have the option to:

  1. Batch process credit card or eCheck transactions directly inside of Dynamics GP.
  2. Allow customers to use a self-service customer portal where they can view and submit payment against their outstanding invoices, as well as sign up for automatic payments.


Automating invoice generation and payment collection can extend many benefits to merchants, including:

  • Reducing manual labor and increasing data accuracy by eliminating repetitive AR tasks.
  • Accessing real-time reporting by having invoicing and payments integrated with GP.
  • Reducing the scope of PCI compliance through secure payment processing and storage.
  • Increasing customer convenience through a user-friendly payment process that includes payment reminder, payment receipts, and saved payment methods.

Interested in learning how you can take advantage of these two solutions? Contact us today to find out more.

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