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As we near the end of 2018, some exciting new features have been released for the Nodus solutions suite. Along with enhanced design, quarter 4’s releases focus on increased security features and ease of use. Below is a highlight of our product updates. For a full list of added features and updates, current customers and partners can email support@nodus.com.

ePay Advantage 

Newest Version: 6 R4 (Available now for ePay with PayFabric)

Description: Customer payment portal with invoice presentment

Release Notes: https://www.nodus.com/documentation/ePay-6-R4-Release-Notes.pdf

New Features Summary

  1. P2PE Terminal Support – ePay with PayFabric now supports Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) with the Bluefin Decryptx device, SREDKey™. Customer service representatives can now enter in credit card information through an encrypted keypad in order to remove the computer from the scope of PCI compliance. To request more information on the P2PE SREDKey device, fill out the form at https://www.nodus.com/supported-devices-contact-form/.
  2. Account-based Payment Methods – Payment methods can now be customized per customer. This will allow merchants to decide which customers can pay by which payment methods (credit card, eCheck or both).
  3. Enhanced Email Features – Users can now copy additional addresses on email notifications and modify and resend emails that were previously sent.
  4. AutoPay API – AutoPay contracts can now be created and updated from applications outside of ePay.

Credit Card Advantage – PayFabric

Newest Version: 41 SP3

Description: Credit card and ACH/eCheck processing within Dynamics GP

Release Notes: https://www.nodus.com/documentation/CCA-PayFabric-v41-SP3-Release-Notes.pdf

New Features Summary

  1. Support for GP 2018 R2 and GP 2018 R2 Web Client – Credit Card Advantage – PayFabric has been updated to support the latest version of Dynamics GP. Encryption and Tokenization versions of CCA also have been updated to support GP2018 R2.
  2. Advanced Wallet Search – Users have access to advanced searching and filtering options for customer accounts that have many payment methods on file.
  3. Wallet Link – Using PayLink, users can now send out Wallet Links directly from GP to customers to collect credit card or eCheck information. The payment method will then be available from GP or any PayFabric-connected application to be used for future processing.


Newest Version: 3

Description: Cloud-based processing and storage engine that removes sensitive credit card data from the local environment and stores it in the cloud.

Release Notes: https://github.com/PayFabric/Release-Notes

New Features Summary

  1. Modern Design – PayFabric’s virtual terminal that allows merchants to process transactions within the PayFabric web portal via web entry and/or terminal entry has been redesigned with a modern look to provide a user-friendly interface and promote better user experience.
  2. Custom Fields for Additional Data – Users now have the ability to create their own custom fields to associate additional data for each transaction with PayFabric.
  3. Default Gateway Profiles – Users can setup a default gateway for each currency type rather than choosing a gateway each time a transaction is processed.
  4. Enhanced Email Receipts – Users can now copy additional addresses on payment confirmation receipts and modify and resend emails that were previously sent.


Newest Version: 3.2

Description: Credit card and ACH/eCheck processing within Dynamics CRM

New Features Summary

  1. Re-certification for AppSource – CRM CHARGE ® has been recertified for D365 9.0 Support for Online: https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-us/product/dynamics-365/nodustech.crmcharge


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