Product Updates Winter 2021

Our Winter 2021 product updates are on the way! These enhancements focus on additional payment options to give companies more flexibility with their payment acceptance process. Below is a list of some of the main new features.

PayFabric Receivables

Description: Receivables management and customer payment portal.

New Features Summary

  1. Invoice Type Management – A new attribute is available for invoices to provide more flexible options for configuring the invoice display, invoice notifications and automatic payments.
  2. Invoice and Customer Editors – New pages are available to allow for easier creation of customer and invoice records from PayFabric Receivables.
  3. Dashboard – A new page is available to show an overview of the organization’s accounts receivables status.

PayFabric (Coming Soon)

Description: A cloud-based payment processing platform and storage hub that can be integrated with any application, system and back office environment.

New Features Summary

  1. Verify Transaction – Card verification support is available via EVO’s connector to ensure the card being used is valid and to help reduce the risk of fraud.
  2. New Hosted Payment Page – An enhanced hosted payment page designed to improve the user experience on any sized screen is now available.
  3. Alternative Payment Method with PayPal – PayPal transaction acceptance will be available as an additional payment method.

PayFabric for Business Central (Coming Soon)

Description: Process integrated electronic payments using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

New Features Summary

  1. Bulk Processing – Ability to process multiple transactions and send multiple PayLinks at the same time from the Sales Order or Sales Invoice list page
  2. Email Recipient Enhancements – New functionality is available to specify the contacts on the customer record that should receive email notifications
  3. Surcharge Support – Additional processing fees can now be included for payments processed within Business Central

CRM Charge (Coming Soon)

Description: Process electronic payments directly inside of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales & Customer Engagement.

New Features Summary

  1. Surcharge Support – Additional processing fees can now be included for payments processed within CRM Charge.
  2. Level 2/3 Support – Additional information can now be sent during a transaction to help companies save on processing rates.
  3. Partial Capture Support – Support for partial capture against an existing authorization transaction to provide payment amount flexibility.

This is only a quick summary of the newest releases. For more information on our new product releases or any suggestions for future enhancements you would like to see, please contact us at